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Summer Sauce Squash w/ g.f. meatballs












IMG_7203There’s nothing better than home-made meatballs. Instead of pairing them with pasta and boring red sauce, get creative and make this easy dish. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, follow the picture sequence to see the steps to follow. See below for a list of ingredients and specific steps to follow.

IMG_7186 IMG_7187 IMG_7188 IMG_7192 IMG_7193 IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7196 IMG_7197 IMG_7198 IMG_7199 IMG_7200


Here’s what you’ll need: (FOR MEATBALLS)

2 lb. grass-fed beef
1 cup of ground hazelnut meal
2 eggs
2 tbsp. butter
6 FRESH garlic cloves minced
dash of crushed red pepper and Bosari meat seasoning
1 cup of organic chicken broth

In one large bowl, mix in all of the ingredients except butter. Melt the butter in a pan. Form round balls with the meatball mixture and add to the pan of melted butter. Brown both side of the meatballs. After they are browned, add one cup of chicken broth and let it simmer with the meatballs for 5- 10 minutes. AFTER THEY ARE COOKED, AND THE SQUASH IS FINISHED BAKING, TURN THE OVEN ON, BUT PLACE THE MEATBALLS IN THE OVEN TO KEEP WARM AND CONTINUE BAKING

Here’s what you’ll need for the (squash/sauce)

1 spaghetti squash
1 can dice organic tom.
1 can organic pinto beans
1 cup white wine
1 cup organic chicken broth
2 cups organic arugula
1/2 chopped red onion
1/4 cup shredded carrots
drizzle black truffle oil over top of dish


bake spaghetti squash (see above)
In the same pan I cooked the meatballs, I add the chicken broth, wine, tom., onion, carrots and beans. Bring sauce to a boil and cook for 20 minutes. Lower heat to med, or low, and add a handful of arugula and a dash of salt and pepper.

When spaghetti squash has baked and cooled, take a fork and scrape the long strands onto a plate of arugula. Add two meatballs over top of the squash, and then one cup of the summer sauce.

LASTLY, drizzle black truffle oil over top of the dish and smile as you take your first bite!!!!!!!!

<>< Kait


Chicken Roll Ups


Here’s What You’ll Need: (serves 2-3)

1. 2 organic chicken breasts (sliced vertically into 3, thin slices)

2. 1 tsp.. diced tomatoes

3. 1 tsp. sundried tomatoes per each chicken roll up

4. 6-7 basil leaves

5. Avocado Oil

6. FlavorGod Garlic Seasoning

7. 6 toothpicks

8. Daiya chedder cheese


Directions: Lay the chicken in the baking dish. Put a tsp. of sundried tom over top of each piece of chicken. Then, put 1-2 pieces of diced tomato on each chicken. Lay a basil leaf over top of the tomatoes. Sprinkle the Daiya cheese over top and then the FlavorGod seasoning, Roll each piece up and pierce it secure with the tooth picks. Bake at 475 for 20 min.


image image image image image

Not Your Ordinary Turkey Burger


burger1  Did you know that most people opt for “turkey burgers” rather than regular burgers, because they believe they are making a healthier choice? Unfortunately, what they are not taking into consideration is the quality of the ground turkey. This is the reason why I never order turkey burgers when I am out to eat. THIS turkey burger, however, is VERY different. The biggest difference, and the most important point to remember is to ONLY buy ground turkey breast. I only purchase this ground turkey from Whole Foods.


burger2Here is what you’ll need: (makes 6 burgers)
1. 1 lb. of organic ground turkey breast
2. Annie’s organic BBQ sauce (original)  1 tbspn. per burger
3. 1 cup of organic oats
4. 1/2 can organic black beans
5. 6 slices of pickled sliced jalapenos (for each burger) arugula tomato slices
8. 1 small organic red onion
9. 2 organic garlic cloves
10. 2 tbspn. avocado oil
11. 1 organic avocado
12. Organic Sandwich thins, Amy’s Kitchen makes gluten free sandwich thins.
13. Organic pepper jack cheese slices

burger3 burger4 burger5 burger6


1. Sauté the onions and garlic in a pan with 1 tbspn. of avocado oil
2.In a separate bowl, mix the raw, ground turkey breast, sautéed onions and garlic, 1/2 can of black beans, and 1 cup of oats together.
3. Create 6 patties and place them in the same onion pan, with 1 tbspn. more of avocado oil.
4. Prep the patties while waiting for the burgers to cook. ( See the photo above to show the layering process)
– pepperjack cheese, arugula, tomato slice, and then on the other half… BBQ sauce and jalapeno slices.
5. Add the turkey burger patty to the sandwich thin and cut in half. I served mine with steamed broccoli.

Pairs perfectly with some pinot noir. 😛




Meatless Monday Dinner {garlic, basil, spinach g.f. pasta}



pasta2    { Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Meatless Monday Pasta}


Oh my goodness, get ready to smile throughout the entire dinner!!! This pasta dish is so simple, yet so robust with flavor. I will walk you through the steps to make this delicious dish, as well as pair it with the most perfect, light and refreshing salad. This spinach fettuccini pasta is gluten free, and is the perfect  alternative for when you’re dying to plunge into a bowl of pasta.  When paired with the right, healthy fats, certain pastas aren’t bad for you. The key is to pair them with healthy fats, like avocado and olive oil, to break down the carbs. Also, make sure you eat a big salad to pair it off. I choose to do meatless Monday, or meatless anyday of the week, at least 3 times a weak. I eat animal proteins for dinner only, the remaining days.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this mouth-watering pasta dish!:

1. Tinkyada Spinach Rice Fettuccini (you can even order these bags on for cheaper)
2. 3/4 cup of olive oil
3. 6-8 (I like 8) large fresh garlic cloves
4. 6 FRESH basil leaves
5. Go Veggie Parmesan Cheese (2 tbsp.)
6. 1 tspn. crushed red pepper
7. dash of Himalayann salt
8. 1/2 tspn. white truffle oil

If you want to pair it with a salad… (Here’s what you’ll need): ORGANIC ingredients are always best!!
-Bag of  kale (coscto sells a huge bag for $5)
– Bag of arugula
– 1 avacado
– 1  lemon
– 1 tspn avocado oil
– dash of Himalayan salt
-dash of Go Veggie parm. cheese

pasta6 pasta3pasta4TKY006_Xl


(boil the pasta in a large pot)– while this is boiling, start the garlic sauce.

1. In a small sauce pan, add 6-8 large, fresh, chopped garlic cloves. (The chunks should be the size of a pea)pasta5
2. Add 1 tbspn of avocado oil to the garlic. (simmer on med. heat until the cloves turn a golden brown. It’s important to let them turn to a golden brown, without burning them, so they add the perfect crunch to the pasta)
3. Then, pour the 3/4 cup of olive oil to the pan and turn the heat on low.
4. Add the salt, red crushed pepper, and 2-3 ripped basil leaves.
5. Then, add the tspn. of truffle oil.
6. Drain the pasta and pour the pasta back into the same large pot.
7. Pour the oil mixture over top of the pasta. Add the remaining 4-5 basil leaves.
You can rip them apart in small pieces. Then, add the Go Veggie parm cheese.
8. Add a dash of the cheese, and a basil leaf to garnish.

For the salad:
Add all the ingredients to a large salad bowl. Squeeze 2-3 lemon wedges over the salad and mix together with the avocado cubes.  Pour the avocado oil over top and then sprinkle the cheese and salt over. Mix all together and serve.



Hope you enjoy it,

<>< Kaitlin

Lemon Parsley Roasted Chicken w/ Truffle GF Pine Nut Pasta


lemon  I was in the mood for something refreshing, light, yet unique. I just bought a huge bag of lemons and I knew I needed to use them up. This is how I was inspired to create this dish. I love lemons! I love juicing them, blending them in my shakes, and cooking with them. They help to rid the body of toxins, and also balance the pH levels in your body.

Here’s What You’ll Need for the chicken:

2 organic chicken breast (bone in preferred-for more robust flavor) and 1 lb of organic thighs (dark meat) —-> side note… I get my organic chicken from Costco. I did, however, recently purchase this bone-in, organic chicken breast from Tunie’s. I think I like this better!~ 🙂
2 Organic lemons
1 tbspn. chopped fresh parsley
1 tbspn. avocado oil
1/4 tsp. Himalayan Salt
2 garlic cloves

Here’s What You’ll Need for the Pasta:
1 lb. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Organic GF Spaghetti
1 cup of organic pine nuts
2 cups organic chopped spinach
1 tbspn. white truffle oil
1/2 cup Daiya mozzarella dairy-free cheese
2 tbspn. avocado oil
dash of Himalayan salt

Directions: (pre-heat oven to 475)
1. Place chicken in a glass baking dish, drizzle 1 tbsp. avocado oil over top of the chicken, then, sprinkle 1 tbspn. parsley over top.
2. Cut one of the lemons into 6 slices. Remove the seeds and squeeze the juice of each slice over top of the chicken. Cut the other lemon into thin, circular, disc-shaped slices to place over top while baking. This makes it pretty too. 🙂 Using a hand grater, grate some lemon zest from the used slices over top of the chicken. Just a dash over each one.
3. Then, slice the 2 garlic cloves into thin slice, and place over top of each piece of chicken. Poke holes in the chicken with a fork.
4. Sprinkle the salt over top, and place in the oven for 20-25 minutes, until golden.
5. For the last 5 minutes, turn the oven to broil and place the chicken on the top rack. Allow it to come to a crisp.

Directions for pasta:
1. boil the water, and add the pasta.
2. Add the 2 tbspn. avocado oil, and 1 tbspn. white truffle oil to the pot, after you have removed the water. Mix the oil into the pasta.
3. Add the 2 cups of chopped spinach to the pot. Keep the pot on low heat. Add a lid and let it sit for 1 min.
4.Add the pine nuts, Daiya cheese, salt and a dash of garlic salt if you choose.

lemon3Place the chicken over top of this yummy pasta dish and the two robust flavor compliment each other so well!!


<>< K8


Wild Teriyaki Tuna with GF pasta and veggies


tuna1 <— Mmmm…. soo yummy!! I honestly get such an intense high out of creating my own flavorful dishes. I feel myself come alive when I start mixing flavors and adding ingredients in order to get that perfect flavor. I honestly can’t help but think of the movie Ratatouille and his passion in the kitchen…. haha!

Okay, so, I don’t normally ever cook tuna. The only fish I stick with are wild Atlantic salmon and sometimes Mahi or snapper. However, I was really in the mood for some teriyaki tuna. Tuna normally has a bad reputation for high mercury contents. I will clarify though, that tuna found in restaurants is actually known to contain the HIGHEST amounts of mercury around. So, I never order tuna in restaurants, but I don’t mind WILD, YELLLOWFIN TUNA every blue moon. There are lots of health benefits, and it is loaded in selenium. So, don’t go making tuna every day, but every blue moon it’s oaky. 🙂

I will say, I had lots of fun creating this recipe. The GF pasta has a sweet taste and perfectly balances the flavor of the tuna. Plus, I soak the tuna in amino acids, which are very beneficial to your health.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

2 yellowfin tuna filets
1 tbsp. of Bragg’s amino acids
1 tbps. Organicville Sesame Teriyaki
3 tbps coconut oil
1 bag of frozen ORGANIC corn
1 bag of frozen organic sweet potatoes
1 bag of frozen organic butternut squash
1/4 cup Daiya cheddar cheese

tuna2   tuna5 tuna6tuna4tuna3


Marinate the tuna with the amino acids and teriyaki sauce
Bake for 15-20 minutes at 475, then turn on broil and let it crisp… unless you like it more raw.. then, cook for less time.
Boil the pasta while you cook the veggies in a separate pan with the coconut oil.
When the pasta is cooked, add to the pan of veggies.
Season with salt, garlic salt and pepper.
Pair with a salad and put the tuna over top 🙂



Caprese Chicken


CAPRESE   I love cooking with my sissy. Whenever the two of us get together, WATCH OUT- we will make some serious magic happen in the kitchen. We created this dish in a heart beat. We wowed the guests too! 🙂 I normally avoid dairy at all costs, but sometimes- you gotta live. 🙂 This is just too moist, juicy, and still healthy to resist. It is high in protein, gluten free, and easy to make!

Make sure to only buy organic ingredients. WHATEVER you do, avoid convention chicken. It is loaded with so many hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. These growth hormones not on ly cause you to gain weight, but they also have been linked to causing cancer cells to grow too… NOT WORTH IT…. just pay the extra money. Costco sells organic chicken breasts for super cheap. They are the cheapest around!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

2 lb. organic chicken breast (pounded thinly, or cut in half- length wise-to make super thin cutlets)
4 small roma tomatoes
3 tbsp. basil pesto
2 tbsp. avocado oil
garlic salt/and salt
5 leaves of FRESH basil
10 thin slices of fresh organic mozzerella
balsamic glaze
GF artichoke angel hair pasta

1. set oven to broil
2. place the chicken breast in a baking dish, drizzle the avocado oil, salt, garlic salt over top, then smooth the basil pesto over top.
3. Place the tomatoes over the chicken and broil for 10-12 minutes. When the edges start to turn golden brown, add the cheese over top.
4. Cook for another 1o-12 minutes on broil
5. Cut small pieces of fresh basil over the cheese, and then generously drizzle the balsamic glaze over top.
6. Serve over a bed of GF artichoke angel hair pasta