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Carrot Banana Bread {gluten/dairy free}


Moist Carrot Banana Bread

bread1¬†This bread is so moist, fluffy and mouthwatering, you’ll have a hard time believing its loaded with veggies and nutrients. It is sweetened only with fruit and a little bit of honey.

Here’s what you’ll need: (ingredients) <organic always> ūüėČ ūüėČ

–¬†2 cups of Pamela’s gluten free baking mix
–¬†3 eggs
–¬†3-4 ripe, mashed bananas
–¬†2 whole carrots, grated
–¬†1 cup of honey
–¬†1 cup chopped walnuts
–¬†1 tsp. vanilla extract
–¬†1 tsp. cinnamon
– 1/2 cup safflower oil or coconut oil (liquid)
– 1 tbspn. ground flax seeds
-1 tbspn. brown sugar to sprinkle on top of the bread


Mix all the dry ingredients, except only 1/2 cup of nuts, into a large bowl. The rest of the nuts will be used over top of the batter. Add in the oil, beaten eggs, mashed banana, grated carrots, vanilla extract and honey. Coat the loaf pan with coconut oil or safflower oil. Pour the batter in the pan  and then sprinkle the brown sugar and 1/2 of the remaining nuts over top of the batter. Bake at 375 for 45 min.




K8lin ;-P