Quinoa Cauliflower “Cupcake” w/ grassfed beef


cup  This is a really easy meal, delicious and perfect for freezing and reheating at a later time. I made 24 of these “Cupcakes” and froze 12 of them. They are packed with nutrients and are so much fun to serve. :-).

Here’s What You’ll Need: (always choose organic)
-2 cups of quinoa
-1 yellow onion
– 10-12 grape tomatoes
-1/2 can black beans
-1/2 can corn
– 1 carrot
– 3 garlic cloves
-1/2 cup of gluten free breadcrumbs
-2 eggs
-2 lbs. grass-fed beef
– 1 head of cauliflower
-1/2 cup Daiya dairy free mozzarella cheese
-1 tbsp. Earth Balance Vegan, SOY FREE butter

cup4 cup5 cup3

Directions: for cupcake… makes 24
1. In a food processor, chop the garlic cloves, onion, carrot and tomatoes.
2. Pour into a large bowl and add the beans, corn, eggs and raw ground beef.
3. Mash all the ingredients together, then add the cooked quinoa and bread crumbs.
4. Season with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper
5. Using earth balance butter, spread a thin coat of butter into each muffin hole of the pan.
6. Scoop out the filling and spread into each cup.
7. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.

cupo Directions for Mashed Cauliflower:
-Steam the head of cauliflower in a double broiler
– When it’s very soft, add the butter, salt, Daiya cheese and a dash of pepper
– Using a hand blender, blend the ingredients until smooth.

Scoop the cauliflower over top of the beef patty.


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