NUTS for the New Year!!


nuts5One of my New Year’s resolution is to eat more nuts! Yes, I did say nuts. You might be thinking I’m crazy…. just wait…. I am NOT talking about those little baggies of M&M’s with 2-3 nuts in them that we all like to pretend is healthy. Let’s be real, I am talking about RAW, ORGANIC, SOAKED, NUTS. Let me take a few minutes to explain why these amazing little things are so good for your health, and why I will be eating more of them for the New Year! BUT–you need to make sure you are eating them the CORRECT way!… so keep reading!!

Dr. Oz recently had a show on that discussed the health benefits of nuts and why we all need to be eating more of them. Here is what he said in a nutshell… no pun intended 😉  “Further, the experts found that consuming two ounces of nuts a day would not increase overall weight, despite the high caloric value of nuts, and actually helped to reduce weight in the long run. This isn’t the first time that nuts have taken the spotlight when it comes to health. In addition to the findings demonstrated in this study, nuts have also been shown to help reduce overall heart attack risk as well.”

Additional Health Benefits:
1. Healthier Heart
2. Smaller waistline
3. Brain Food
4. High in protein and fiber
5. Diminishes Inflammation
6. Boost Immune System
7. Curbs your appetite
8. High in minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium… all for bone health.
9. Healthy Omegas- Especially Walnuts

So you might  be asking, “Why do you have to SOAK nuts?” I’m so glad you asked! Nuts have phytic acid. This acid binds to minerals in the gastrointestinal tract and can not be absorbed in the intestine. It also binds to minerals in your body which can lead to mineral deficiencies.  By soaking the nuts, you are breaking down the phytic acid so it can be absorbed properly, therefore you are receiving the FULL benefits of the nuts.

Nuts also have high amounts of enzymes inhibitors.  This is another reason why un soaked nuts are hard to digest.  Soaking nuts neutralizes this enzymes which allows your body to digest it properly. Soaking the nuts also INCREASES FLAVOR!

It’s SUPER easy too! Here’s what you will need to do.
1. Purchase RAW, ORGANIC nuts. You can find them online too here.
2. Soak your nuts in a bowl with purified water, enough to cover ALL the nuts.
3. Add 3 teaspoons of salt to the water, for ever 2 cups of nuts. The salt is NECESSARY to help break down the enzyme inhibitors.
4. For 2 cups of nuts, soak for at least 6 hours. For 4 cups of nuts, soak for 7 hours. (I like to soak mine over the weekend, when I leave for church, or something like that. 🙂
5. Dry the nuts thoroughly. How you will do this is by placing them on a cookie sheet, and throwing them in the oven at 150 degrees. A dehydrator is the ideal way to dry them, but most of us do not have dehydrators. Most ovens will only go as low as 175, so just put the oven on the lowest possible setting, and you can leave the door open a crack. Let them stay in the over for about 8-12 hours, or until crunchy. Different nuts will need longer time. With my macadamia nuts, I only dried them for 8 hours.
6. Before I put mine in the oven, I sprinkled some cinnamon over top, and 1/2 teaspoon of organic coconut sugar. This will make a yummy snack! 🙂
7. Store your nuts in the fridge when they are finished.

nuts4 nuts3 nuts2


<>< Kaitlin





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