Invigorating Face Mask You Can Eat!


An Invigorating, wrinkle reducing, acne fighting, skin-tightening face mask that you can eat… in fact, you will have a hard time NOT eating it. 🙂

Are you sick of spending tons of money on facial care products that don’t work and are filled with chemicals? Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Therefore, you should not be putting anything on your skin that you wouldn’t be able to eat. :-0 When we put it in that perspective, it changes a lot. Why not use what we already have in our kitchen to tighten, brighten and clear our skin?

This face mask is easy to make, cost effective, and will give you great results. Read below to find out why these ingredients are the ones I chose.

1. Greek Yogurt: Yogurt is filled with zinc, lactic acid, calcium, b-vitamins and so much more. Lactic Acid helps smoothen rough skin, exfoliate skin and  moisturize dry skin. It is also very  beneficial in helping steer away wrinkles and reducing any already  existing wrinkles. Zinc plays a key role in reducing redness, puffiness, and swelling due to acne and any other rashes. It helps regulate oil production, preventing oily skin–controlling future breakouts. Calcium helps renew the skin, and B vitamins help to moisturize the skin, giving you a GLOW! 🙂

2. Honey: I could write a whole blog on the benefits of honey for your skin, in fact… I did! 🙂

a. It is perfect for all skin types, especially acne-prone, sensitive skin.
b. It’s a natural antiseptic and antibiotic- which heals any inflammation, redness, blemishes, acne. It also evens skin tones.  (I have tried every single skin care product out there. Nothing clears up my blemishes quicker than raw honey!)
                c. It has the ability to moisturize your skin without adding oils to it.
d. (When left on for 30 minutes) It will exfoliate, unclog, and clarify your pores.
e. It is extremely HIGH in antioxidants which restores damaged skin, and wrinkled skin.

3. Cinnamon: Cinnamon reduces acne causing bacteria, and also brings blood to the surface of the skin. This promotes quicker healing and skin renewal.

4. Probiotics: Probiotics are filled with the same health benefits yogurt offers, but triple the amount. I add 1/4 of a capsule to my face mask, to increase the benefits that the yogurt offers.

Recipe for 1:
–> 1 tbsp. of plain, greek yogurt. (Fage is hormone-free)
–> 1/4 capsule of RAW Probiotics from Garden of Life
–> 1/4 tspn of cinnamon
–> 1/2 tspn of unfiltered honey

mask44 mask33mask22


On a side note: If you are experiencing skin issues, you might want to check out your gut health. Read more here


<>< Kaitlin

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