Pumpkin Flax Pancakes


pump1      I’m ready for fall weather, fall baking and fall fashion… what about you? When I woke up this morning I decided I needed to start cooking with pumpkin to get me in the spirit. 🙂 Probably my two favorite things are pumpkin flavored anything, and pancakes… so I knew this would be a hit! Plus, they won’t make you feel bloated, guilty or yucky after you eat them…. like the ones at Pancake House would. They use bleached flour, and a load of junk to make their pancakes. These are simple, KLEAN, and delicious.

pump6 What you’ll need to make 6 pancakes:

1. 1 cup of Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix
2. 1 cup of almond milk
3. 1/4 cup of organic canned pumpkin
4. 1 egg
5. 1 tbsp. of oil (I use safflower oil for baking) This is a healthy cold-pressed oil
6. 1 tspn. of pumpkin pie spice
7. 1 tbsp. of ground flax seed
8. Coconut oil (for the pan) and coconut nectar instead of maple syrup
9. 1/2 cup of pecans

10. * Yummy bonus… 1/2 tsp. coconut sugar for each pancake. Sprinkle over top of the pancake before you flip it. When you do flip it, it melts the coconut sugar and creates a sweet crunchy coating.
Directions: Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend! 🙂 Coat your pan with coconut oil and pour out a thin circle of the pancake batter. While I am cooking the other pancakes, I heat my oven to 300 degrees and I keep my pancakes in there to keep them hot until I am finished.
pump5   pump4  pump3

pump2 Enjoy these yummy, organic, KLEAN pancakes. They are a sure way to lift your spirits.

<>< Kaitlin

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