Eating Klean while Traveling


chic5  I haven’t blogged in about a week, because I was traveling. I was in my favorite city, Chicago!!!!  Before we left, I was determined that I was going to continue to EAT KLEAN while I was on this trip. It’s always a struggle to know exactly HOW you can still eat healthy when you are traveling. One word…PREPARATION. It is important to plan ahead. You cannot just jump on the plane and hope and pray that some kale chips, and flax seeds, and greens juices will be served all along your journey. Most likely, you will have to go on an extreme scavenger hunt to search for KLEAN FOODS, as well as bringing your own stock of healthy foods to keep in your bags.

Now, I had the lovely advantage/temptation of receiving complementary breakfast every morning at my hotel. This is what I woke up to every morning.chic4 donut24f-1-web I walked down, and spent a good 10 minutes searching for one thing that I could eat. There was nothing! Even the omelet bar was not made from 100% real, organic eggs. They were using Egg Beaters poured into a pan that had been sprayed with toxic, chemical-laden, NON-STICK spray…. NO THANKS! It was actually sad yet empowering to me to look around and see the hundreds of people in the café eating their donuts at 7:00 am, without the slightest care or knowledge of what they were doing to their bodies. It reminded me why I am doing this blog.

The first thing you need to prepare for is a healthy way to start each morning. The easiest thing you can do is purchase a box of organic, unsweetened, flax oatmeal packets. I ALWAYS have at least 2-3 oatmeal packs in my purse, on any given day, even if I am not traveling. You can pretty much find a Starbucks in any city. It is so easy to walk in and ask for a hot cup of water. The next thing I ALWAYS have in my purse is liquid Stevia drops. After I pour hot water into my oatmeal, I add 4-5 Stevia drops, and a dash of cinnamon.

The next thing you will want to make sure you have in your bags, are a few protein powder packets. I always add 1/2 pack to my oatmeal in the morning. The other 1/2 can be saved for a mid- morning snack. I really like the vanilla Rainbow Light Protein Energizer brand. It is gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free and a great choice for people with allergy concerns.  It is free of most common allergens, including soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts fish and shellfish. It is vegan, vegetarian and free of animal products. It also includes a wonderful energy and digestive enzyme blend. There are 225 mg of nourishing green foods, such as kale and spinach and 200 mg of organic spirulina. You can add 1/2 of a banana to add more flavor if you wish. This is a WONDERFUL way to start your day. chic7  It is always a very hard thing for me to ensure that I am getting a super potent amount of quality, organic greens while traveling. I can rest assured when I travel with my Chlorella. Unfortunately, the quality of our commercially grown produce is severely deteriorating. It is hard to achieve maximum health with diet alone today, for the main reason that our soil is so depleted of the major nutrients it once had. This is one reason why I choose to eat organic, but another easy way to SUPERCHARGE your health is found in these small, dark green tablets. It is an algae that is PACKED vitamins, minerals, and amino acids proven to prevent disease and improve overall health. It acts as a major detoxification in the body. Chlorella is proven to help with cravings, and in turn will make it much easier to avoid the junk while traveling. It has amazing cancer fighting benefits as well as a natural source of energy. I made the mistake of taking these right before bed once, and I was up for quite a while. 🙂 I recommend taking them in the morning, on an empty stomach…before the oatmeal. Drink it down with some lemon water, first thing in the morning. It is important to not just purchase any chlorella. I recommend Dr. Mercola’s. Read more here, and purchase his directly through his site.

chic3Next, TRY to find a local health food store, Whole Foods, or juice bar. I was determined to continue drinking my greens juice. So, when I found this Whole Foods (and yes I walked a mile to get there, and a mile back with a heavy bag of juices) I was so excited! I also made sure to get a Kombucha, and of course my iced coffee.


FucoProteinBanner Protein bars are an easy way to snack healthy while traveling. Garden of Life makes some great bars. They are high in protein, and low in sugar and carbs.

chic2 I am in a good routine of taking Maca every morning in my shakes. I obviously can’t bring my blender with me…. ;-)… so Maca capsules are the way to go.

mega foodMake sure you also bring enough multi-vitamins for each day. I recommend Mega Food. They are 100% food/plant based. They will not upset your stomach. They are filled with amazing greens, minerals, and vitamins you definitely want to flood your body with. I like them better than RAW or New Chapter, because they contain no YEAST or other fillers and binders. There is no point in taking a multi-vitamin, or ANY VITAMINS for that matter, if they are synthetic. They will actually do more harm to your body than good.

Lastly, I recommend always bringing some Magnesium Malate with you. Magnesium malate is most easily absorbed in your body, and it is very important in keeping your digestive tracts regular. Traveling can often negatively affect your digestive tract, and magnesium will help with that.

I hope these little tips will help you feel more confident about EATING KLEAN while traveling. 🙂


Kaitlin <><

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