The First Thing You Should Do Every Morning…


When life gives you lemons, it’s time to DETOX!

lem.If you can make this one drink a part of your daily morning routine, you can be sure you will be giving your body the best gift. Before you run to the coffee pot and gulp down gallons of coffee for an instantaneous energy boost, why don’t you consider something that will boost your metabolism, detox your liver, clear your skin, promote weight loss, balance your PH, and ALSO provide a natural energy boost. Now, I am not saying to cut out coffee, because that would just be ABSURD! haha! 🙂 I CAN’T EVEN DO THAT! But, you can start with a glass of warm, lemon-cayenne, detox water, before the coffee.

lemonsThis beautiful fruit provides an ENDLESS list of health benefits. Many Ancient Egyptians believed that eating lemons and drinking lemon juice protected their bodies from poisons and disease. Lots of research proves this to be true.

How many times a year do you wake up and tell yourself, “Okay, that’s it… I am going to start eating healthier and I am going to start by doing a detox.” Many times people will rush over to their local health food store and load their carts with different types of detox products found on the shelf. Well, you can save yourself some money and time by grabbing for that lemon you might have laying around in the fridge. This is a natural detox, from God, as a gift to us. 🙂

Warm, lemon-cayenne water stimulates the liver and flushes the body of toxins. Lemons are loaded in vitamin c and antioxidants, which promote anti-aging effects as well as naturally clear up blemishes. Cayenne pepper gives your body a major metabolism boost. It also is a natural appetite suppressant… who isn’t on board for that??

How to make your lemon-cayenne detox water:

It is very important to use clean, purified water. If you do not have a water filter, this is something I would highly consider you look into. My dream water filter would be the Kangen Alkaline Ionizing Water Machine. This machine alkalizes your regular, tap water into water that has pH levels of a 9, 9.5, 10 etc. It is important that you keep your internal pH levels alkaline rather than acidic. Eating white, processed carbs and sugars immediately turn your body into an acidic environment. Acidic bodies promote inflammation, and inflammation is where cancer and disease grows. What’s so cool about lemons is that they are actually one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat. Even though they taste bitter, it does not mean they create an acidic environment in your body. They naturally alkalize the body.

 You will need:
Organic lemons– 1/2 of a lemon per glass
Organic cayenne pepper- about a pinch, you want enough to feel a little bit of ZING, but not too much where it’s impossible to drink.
24 oz. of pure, filtered water
A glass cup

Next, it is important that the water is lukewarm– not too hot, not too cold. Ice cold water is much harder for your body to process first thing in the morning. Luke warm water makes it easier for your body to digest, and acts as a detox and elimination first thing in the morning. If you have a hard time functioning in the morning, let alone trying to make a detox, I suggest you prep the night before. I cut my lemon slices and put them in the fridge the night before. I also pour purified water into my electric water boiler and have it ready for the morning. You are more likely to follow through with this habit, if you prepare the night before. Get all your ingredients out. 🙂 Heat the water up in your water boiler, and turn it off after about 30 seconds. This gets it to the perfect luke-warm temperature. If it is too hot, add some room temp., pure water. NEVER EVER MICROWAVE YOUR WATER… LET ALONE ANY FOOD OR DRINK!!!!!! Invest in an electric water boiler… please do yourself a major favor. Read more on the dangers.

suppliesNext, sprinkle a small dash of cayenne pepper into the water…just a pinch, then mix. Then, pick out the seeds in your lemon, and squeeze half of a lemon into the water. You can also invest in a hand lemon juicer. Finally, drink up! 🙂 You might just find that you don’t need that coffee… or wait let’s be realistic, you won’t need AS MUCH coffee. 😉



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  1. I totally agree with tis, I love that cayenne is a natural thermogenic for the body!! is this something you do during the day as well? or just like to start your morning off with it?!

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